An oldie but a goodie. Worth keeping things in perspective. 🤔

✏️: xkcd
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  1. Susan Devine
    I don’t care enough to look at statistics, but this cartoon talks about checking records, which I like and agree with. not sure what climate change is from. thought a super computer would of figured it out by now

  2. Psst if co2 is the issue. How come no one mentions this? Yet were all about taxes though… what if everyone planted trees instead of paying by the house occupants and distance traveled?

  3. Why do we presume that things will stay the same? The only constant is change. Not one atom of water travels the same journey down the river as any other atom. No two orbits of the sun are exactly the same. Complexity! Vincent O’flynn

  4. Weather is the worst gauge to use. Heat is not temperature. Temperature is a poor guide for searching for evidence. High CO2 and melting polar caps might be better evidence.

  5. stop calling yourself anything related to Science. What we’re experiencing is the Earth’s Polarity trying to shift. It was you who said that the ‘major swing’ in the polarity was because of the lack of water in Eurasia. This was about the same time that you were screaming that the Oceans were going to rise up and drown us. Where’s the water that you promised us? Oh….you say that REAL scientists have discovered that the bottoms of the oceans are sinking into the core of the planet; and that’s causing hotter Oceans, which is causing the clouds that are making it colder. You seem to be trying to play both sides of the argument in order to get support money from both sides. Real scientists get their money by getting grants from Institutions of Higher Learning, and the government….not from fleecing the public


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