First ever Happen Films livestream! Ask me some questions about our new documentary Living the Change, filmmaking, sustainability, or anything else!

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  1. There’s an interesting US TV show about Homesteaders who are struggling and need help. It presents an interesting side to going green and seeing homesteaders with a dream who hit reality. Have you met any folk whose dream of a sustainable lifestyle is not all candyfloss and natures bounty and it’s been one hell of a challenge. The TV show “Live Free Or Die” presents a slightly glossy side to sustainability and slightly detached from reality.

  2. One of my colleagues in the office here in Bangkok and watching your live blast has asked “Have you ever had self doubt about your films and life towards sustainability?

  3. The live stream quality is great. I’m watching it here in the rural Coromandel hills, using data 😮 we have no internet here, and am able to see and hear you well 😆

  4. I love your works, if some of you want to be updated of Happen Film’s facebook page, customize the page setting – go to following tab (dropdown list) select, see first. Thanks


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