One disorder or several?

This New Autism Genetics Study Could Help Explain Why It’s Such a Huge Spectrum

Genes responsible for a number of autism’s characteristics come in two varieties, which could help explain not only the condition’s diversity, but also how it’s inherited.

One disorder or several?

Posted by ScienceAlert on Thursday, February 8, 2018

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  1. Try having multiple children with the condition and not knowing for years the guilt as a parent keeps u up at night and do everything to help them we need to know possible factors its useful

  2. Contrary to some beliefs, the spike in autism recently is most likely not due to flu vaccines or other causes. Rather, the definitions and requirements to be diagnosed has become a lot more broad in recent decades, causing more people to be diagnosed. (My humble option based on observations and some research)

  3. I’ve always hated the broadness of the term “autism”.
    It’s about as useful as the word “illness”.
    Someone tells me their child has autism. That gives me no clue as to how similar or different they are from my son (doesn’t talk, doesn’t use the toilet, no sensory issues, eats almost anything).

    I see “autistic gardeners” on the tv an it just makes me shake my head.

  4. …’s FAR more triggered by a very SPECIFIC set of ENVIRONMENTAL considerations (yes, significantly AFFECTING genetic behaviors, and YES, therapies DO exist to restore subjectively normal responses) MOST impacting METABOLIC functions REGULATING neurological ones….as for Kanner’s, its characteristics are nearly IDENTICAL to a sustained anaphylactic shock event…..

  5. If the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies weren’t all sitting around the same table laughing their fat asses on the way to the bank then there would not be autism or Alzheimer’s wake up people it’s the shit they’re putting in our food

  6. Probably because it’s a broad and ill defined term used to describe a large number of varying but connected outcomes that had been latched onto in popular culture and further muddied ?

  7. This is missing the key feature of all varieties of ASD (Autism SPECTRUM Disorders – we already know it’s many conditions in one big lumpy category): problems with Theory of Mind. Motor skill deficits and intellectual disability are not as widespread – and are certainly not universal – as this states. This is why you need a Psychologist, preferably a Developmental Psychologist, on the team, people. 🤔

  8. Vaccines have nothing to do with it both my daughter have had vaccines one daughter diagnosed with Asperger asd Pdd ons the other so they say fine different to me one has friends the other none go figger?


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